Cool Spinning Globe and Stars Coin Slot Bank

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I'm thinking perhaps this was one the topper to something...a carnival game, or maybe a fortune telling machine, spitting out rolled up fortunes? (It seems it must have been something more than just a coin bank, as it's fairly large and pretty heavy duty, and the coin opening feeds coins through only through the right slot, making one think the left one must have had some other use?) The brass globe spins manually, and has little glass beads inside of it which, happily, roll and rattle around when you do.  I suppose it's possible that putting a coin through the slot released a handful of the beads filling the globe, though not really sure why one would want those...? 

On the underside of the base is a flat sheet of tin which would need to be removed if one wanted to extract coins, which seems very doable, but there is a wire currently latching it in place that I have not wanted to clip. I just think it's excellent looking, and would be content just to look at it and spin the globe now and then!

11 3/4" tall x 9 1/4" wide x 7 5/8" deep. The globe can be unscrewed at top and lifted off. Plenty of dings and dents to the globe, scratches to the metals, and paint loss, but pretty indestructible I think and still looks super.