Fabulous c. 1940s Girard Mechanical Tin Litho Railroad Handcar, Working with Key

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For the most part I leave old toys, particularly tin litho ones, to the experts (a fierce bunch!) but when I spotted this one, I just fell in love with the aesthetics of it. Happily someone took excellent care of it; it is in terrific shape, with its original key, which winds smoothly, and makes it go. A little nudge helps to get it rolling, but then off it goes, with wheels rolling along, the hand pump moving up and down, and the arms of the two men along with it, all with balletic grace!

This toy is the first of two versions produced by Girard Toys (the logo is features on the men's overalls, which distinguishes from a second version). Based in Girard, Pennsylvania, the company was founded by Frank E. Wood, 1919-1922, and was also known as Girard Mfg. Co. (1922-1935)  and The Toy Works, 1935-1975.  From what I have learned, Louis Marx, the owner of Marx Toys, worked for the company for a time, and later had the company manufacture toys for them, with many of the toys from both companies are quite similar but for a name difference.

I have found a few different dates associated with this version--as early as the 1920s and as late as the early 1940s. It's a fairly rare one and I can find no others currently for sale; only auction records of past sales. Overall condition is excellent with some paint loss on both sides of the neck of one figure; otherwise light wear as pictured but no notable dings, bends or other issues at all. 

6" long x 5 3/4" tall x 3" wide.