Huge Vintage Studio Pottery Earthenware Bowl

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We've had a huge earthenware bowl very very similar to this one in our family since the 1970s, and it is a very rare family dinner when it is not one the table, and it lives at the center of the dining room table most of the rest of the time. Beautifully earthy,  infinitely useful, satisfyingly heavy, and made to endure for generations as long as one takes a little care doing the dishes! In my humble opinion, every household should have a bowl like this (and everyone should sit down together regularly for dinner!)

14 1/8" in diameter x 4 5/8" tall. Great condition, no chips or cracks or issues. Signed (incised) on the bottom with what looks like "Sotiropoulos" and then what looks like a 13, perhaps for 2013, though thus sure feels more like 1970s to me.