Huge Antique British Sunderland Crimean War Lustreware Pitcher, The Sailor's Return

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I've had a few pieces of 19th c. Sunderland lustreware and keep an eye out for them as I really love the transfer images and especially the verses.  This huge piece - 9 inches tall - was I believe created during, and in tribute to, the Crimean War (1853-1856). It has a maritime theme, describing setting out with hope and resolve  and culminating in "The Sailor's Return" ("Now safe returned from danger's past / with joy I hail the shore...") on the spout side, making it a nice one for someone living near the sea! On the left side, a lion, eagle, Crimean shield and banner reading "God Save the  Queen," with verse singing of England's glory and fame, a "light o'er Ocean widely sent..." 

9" t x 11 1/2" across at handle; 9" diameter otherwise. There is an old and pretty well done repair on the side with three figures waving the British flag near the shore, which I have thoroughly documented and which one can mainly see in terms of a little loss to the pink lustre toward the top of that area. Otherwise it appears to be in very good shape, with a couple of minor hairline cracks on the base.