SOLD Unusual Early Small Clear Glass Vessel with Rolled Lip and Bulb Shaped Bottom

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Yesterday was my day for early glass, finding the green and aqua bottle I just listed as well as this piece, which I purchased from a great dealer I buy from regularly. I love the wildly irregular form of the upper half with its fat rolled lip (and one giant air bubble) and then this bulb like base, reminding me of a head of garlic (and also looking a bit as if it should serve a tiny ice cream sundae!) I am not entirely sure of the age as it's an unusual form, but certainly it seems to be a very early piece, with lots of iridescence and encrustation to the upper half. Lighting does make a difference in how this piece shows; get it in the sunshine! 

2 7/8" t x 2 1/8" in diameter. Very good condition, with no chips, cracks or other issues.