American Junior Red Cross "I Serve" Pinback Buttons, Sold Individually

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I think there are few logos better than the Red Cross's red cross, and all the better with "I Serve" in combination. I've learned that these were specifically the badge of the American Junior Red Cross, formed in 1917 as a partnership between the Red Cross and educators in an effort to get school children to aid in the war effort. During the war, junior volunteers contributed in a variety of ways: making and collecting donations of clothing, producing hospital supplies, creating "friendship boxes," to send to youth affected by the war, and working in "Victory gardens" to aid in food production--all of which sound like quite useful endeavors at the moment for all of us! Pin one on and do something good!

Late 1910s or or I believe and in excellent condition, with just light rusting to the backs. 5/8" in diameter. Price is per button; add as many to your cart as you would like!