Spalding's Athletic Library 1929 Boxing Illustrated Instruction Guide

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"A Guide to the Manly Art of Self-Defense, giving accurate instructions for becoming proficient in the Science of Boxing" --so reads the brief summary on the title page of this 1929 Spalding's Athletic Library Boxing guide, published by the American Sports Publishing Company, NYC. And indeed, it packs a lot in, from an intro section of great photos and bios of boxing greats to step by step instructions (again with great photos as illustration) to delivering everything from The Famous Solar Plexus Knockout to the Kidney Punch. And then handy advice toward the end, re. diet, training, and how to strengthen the lungs. Definitely inspiration should one want to start training, but also fun just for the pix! 

168 pages + end matter, including a few pages of advertising at the end. Used, paperback, with a small tear to the top edge of the spine, minor, and a fold to cover at lower left corner. Pages are clean and binding is strong. 5" x 7".