Fabulous 1905 Cat Wedding Hand-drawn British Postcard

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Ipswich [England] August 15, 1905. "Dear Gert. Thought you would like to have the sketch on the other side of a wedding Bono went to one night this week. She enjoyed herself very much if noise is any proof for father and mother were quite disturbed at the awful height the songs reached (I mean voices). She did not get home till 10.00 the next morning having stayed at the wedding all night.  I began to think she had eloped. My love to aunt N and L and all the rest. How did you like the poetry? Love from Florrie." 

So reads the back of this fabulous postcard, apparently drawn by Florrie herself. And what a lot she packed into this portrayal of a cat wedding, from bride saying "I will" to groom who has lost the ring, to three little kitty bridesmaids with giant bows, to some guests with rice to throw, to assorted presents thrown down "from the third floor", to one sad cat fleeing the scene and several others not invited watching from the wings! Oh, and one well well dressed mistress of ceremonies, long tail extended from the bottom of her robe.  Quite a thing, which would certainly make a fabulous wedding present, but also a treat for any cat lover!

3 1/2" x 5 1/2" and in excellent condition with no stains or edge wear really at all.