Antique School Slate with Hand-etched Lines and Numbers (and Carved Initials)

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Like stone fruit and bone dominoes, I love old school slates but am very particular about which ones! I think they're beautiful things to begin with, but am interested in ones that are distinctive and were personalized in one way or another. The frame of one side of this one was carved into with the initials LE, and just a deep L on the other, but what sold me are the lines etched by hand into the surface at a slight slant (using a school ruler I'm sure), with tiny numbers, also carved into the surface of the slate by hand, running vertically down the far right edge, 1 through 13. The lines would have provided guides for writing, which makes their slope all the sweeter, and of course I love that the numbers end in 13.

11 3/4" x 8 1/4" x 5/16" and in very good condition, sturdy and stable and lovely. With a small hole at top center for threading and hanging.