Strange Antique Photo with Child in White

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I had not made the association when I purchased this photo, but many of you responded to it by suggesting it was a post mortem photo, with deceased child at center. An expert who deals in mourning and funerary antiques tells me that posing a deceased child in this manner would be exceedingly rare; rather, children in post mortem photos would be posed in a very reverent manner. In any case, this child's layers of all white, setting her (I assume) in stark contrast to her mother and sister (I assume), together with the very pale eyes and outlaid hands, make her appear quite otherworldly, making for quite a strange image indeed.

Photo, which is in very good condition, measures 6 5/8" x 4 1/2". Mounted to card, which shows some staining: 9 1/8" x 7". Card is stamped "Photographed by W.A. Clement, Auburn, MA on reverse.