Fantastic (and Festive) Antique Yarn Winder Whimsy in a Bottle

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I've had just a few whimsies in bottles, and always keep an eye out for them as I think they're like small miracles, the creation of which completely baffles me. This one, late 19th c. or so I believe, is in great condition, without a bit fallen or lost that I can see, and is an especially festive one, with colorful tassels and fringe decorating nearly every inch of the winder . From what I've learned, yarn winders were popular because they are difficult to make and wind, challenging the skills (and surely patience!) of their makers. (Yarn winders were also something many people had at home to copy from.) One can see the tiny carved winding crank from one side, which makes me really wish I could reach inside to turn it! 

9” t x 3 3/8” d and in very good condition, with no damage inside or out that I can see and not dusty. A few nice large air bubbles in the glass of the bottle, which shows a pontil in the underside.