CRAF-T SUPPLIES Hand-Painted Sign on Old Breadboard

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I'm not entirely sure when this old breadboard was transformed into this terrific sign for craf-t supplies, but it's definitely got some good years on it, and I can't imagine any better place for these beautiful white hand-painted letters to land. The aesthetic of the whole thing definitely makes me feel crafty and creative, and it seems a perfect one for hanging in the studio, or classroom, or playroom, or basement workshop as the case may be!  Gorgeous and clever and fun.

24" long x 18" tall with two "s" hooks at top for hanging. There is a tiny bit of wiggle to a couple of the wood panels of the board as they join meet the vertical edge pieces, but it is structurally sound, holding together sturdily and no real matter. The surface of the wood is beautifully aged with plenty of scrapes scratches and stains, all to the good I think.