Beautiful Primitive Old Wire-sewn Round Brush

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Yum. I love a good brush, and to my eye this is a great beauty, with the wire stitching on the backside of the brush creating a gorgeous line drawing that animates the already beautiful surface of what I believe is burl wood. The natural bristles on the brush side are very stiff, and of two different colors; I'm not certain the function--perhaps it was a grooming brush for a horse?  (it seems it would be pretty effective for sloughing one's own skin, too!) The turned wooden handle attaches to the head via a post at the center--host to one final bunch of bristles on the brush side.

6 7/8" t x 5 1/4" in diameter and in excellent, I believe antique, condition. Bristles are tightly held and clean. There is a hole in the handle for threading.