1849 David Tower "The Gradual Primer" in Wonderful Homespun Wool Plaid Wrap

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I'm a big fan of early school primers, but restrain myself to only pick up very special ones, which I think this one very much is, particularly for being wrapped in this glorious homespun woolen plaid, just beautiful. Well worn around the edges, but the fabric has done its job well, with zig zag stitching on the inside covers holding it (more or less) tight still. And an excellent, rare primer itself, a 1849 edition of David B. Tower's "The Gradual Primer," published by Cady & Burgess Boston, copyright 1845, with gorgeous type faces spelling excellent words and lovely italic and manuscript alphabets, too.  Yum.

 6 1/16 x 3 15/16 x 9/16. 70 pgs plus end papers. Good, clean condition throughout, with just general wear.