Old Lacquered Checkers Set Plus Marbles for Chinese Checkers and Numbers, Too!

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I loved finding these pretty lacquered checkers and clay marbles wrapped in their original cardboard box, with tissue paper still inside, perfectly folded over top. And with these carefully cutout paper rounds with hand-written numbers 1-9, too, the function of which I'm not quite sure of but they're very sweet. Fifteen red and fifteen black checkers, so a complete set with spares; there are not enough marbles for six to play Chinese checkers, but there are 10 yellow and 10 brown and 10 speckled, so enough for three to play. Or just throw them all in a bowl to look at!

Box measures 6 1/4" x 3 11/16". Checkers are 1 1/8" in diameter. Early 20th century  I would guess.