Wonderful Large Carved Folk Art Muscleman Holding Basket Overhead

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I don't know who made this folk art strongman, but I think he is really fabulous, and would be pretty great in an entryway offering an unforgettable spot to toss one's keys! Really, he looks to me most of all like an all American farm boy, maybe carrying a load of laundry in the basket overhead. And a super basket it is, too, nicely woven of colorful plastic wire/cord of varying widths, with a wooden bottom, to which his hands are forever joined. Then cute blue shorts and white sneakers curled around the edge of a grassy green painted wooden mound nailed to a flat base. Really a fun one.

15" tall x 9" wide x 5 7/8" deep. Very good condition. I'm not sure his age, but he's definitely got some years on him. There is a tiny gap between the mount he stands on and the flat base to which it is nailed so he leans forward just a hair but is stable and pretty sturdy.