Stunning Antique Cigar Silk Quilt with Calico Fabric Back

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This is the third cigar silk quilt I've had in the shop, and I'll keep snatching them up when I find them as I think they are completely stunning. How wise and resourceful of it was for women not to let cigar silks/ribbons go to waste, especially brilliant gold ones like these. (Meanwhile, their fathers or husbands were cutting and carving up the cigar boxes to make tramp art frames and the like.) I love the range of silks incorporated into this one, delivering a spectrum of yellows and oranges as well as an assortment of logos that read together like found poetry: Little Dandies, Full Value, Commanders, etc. (I especially love the repeated use of "The Senate" for the corners, making it feel particularly timely!) Very nicely stitched with tiny black xx's, which add another decorative element, and backed with fabric, a sweet gray, tan and cream calico. Super radiant and graphically stong, this would be great framed or just hung directly on the wall.

C. 1880s. 21 3/8 x 22 1/4".  Great condition, super bright and saturated color, no notable stains. There is one patch of what appears to be sun fading to the fabric on the back and one teeny tiny hole in the backing fabric--no matter. Altogether super clean and crisp and in great condition.