Hold to Light Postcard with Pencil Drawing on Top and Message for Rosey

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I love the fact that our sender--a J.T, I believe--chose this postcard to send to Miss Rosy Marek, who I have to think was a redhead. I also love that he spelled her name two different ways, and signed off with a proper "good bye" and then an H.K which at least in my mind stands for hugs and kisses, but who knows? But most of all I love the drawing he made of himself on the front, suggesting that this is the way Rosey ought to take him to a dance, with the ".02 a mile" I guess suggesting the pace at which she should carry him.  And all upon a hold to light postcard which, from what I can make out, features several little floating people on and around her tray, which itself is kind of weird!

5 3/8" x 3 3/8" and in very good condition.