A.C. Kellom's 1880 Handmade Dominoes in Original Box

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I fell in love this this box before even seeing the homemade dominoes inside--both a bit imperfect, but super sweet. Carved into the side of the handmade slide top box is the maker's name - A. C. Kellom--and the year 1880. I believe it might be chalk, or some other sort of powdery white pigment, that was used to color both the carving on the exterior and the (charmingly irregular) carved dots and center lines on the dominoes, as the white on the dominoes had left some white dots on the backs of the dominoes they were stacked next to--which rubbed off easily with a fingernail, but might continue to happen a bit and there are a few stray white marks here and there.

Complete set of double sizes that fit super snugly in their box. Box measures 5 3/4" l x 1 7/8" d x 1 7/8" t.  Dominoes measure 1 1/2" x 3/4" x 7/16". There is one loose piece on the short side of the dominoes box near the top where it meets the slide top; it will come off but can be placed back on once the slide is closed. Overall the box shows plenty of wear but is holding together and the wood of the dominoes is in excellent shape.