Wonderful Vintage Haitian Watercolor of Drummers and Horn Players

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I'm completely taken with this Haitian ink and watercolor drawing, depicting a band of native Haitian musicians playing large, elaborately decorated drums and what I believe are likely traditional bamboo trumpets, called vaksin-- and wearing these marvelous tall orange hats with wildly curling brims. To my eye completely lyrical in all senses and just wonderfully full of life.

1940s or so I believe, ink and watercolor on paper, and sold in the large lemon gold frame I found it in. The drawing is in excellent condition, and better in person, with a signature at bottom left, concealed by the frame. The colors are terrific. A few losses to the gold paint on the frame as evident but it is in overall good shape.

18 1/2 x 20 1/4” framed, with a really terrific presence.