Women and Girls, Excellent Child's Crayon Drawing on Brown Paper, Framed

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(Photos show lots of glare and do no justice.) I purchased this ink and crayon drawing (in a very nice contemporary maple frame) from a dealer in Maine, and the more time I spend with it, the more I appreciate it. Of course it's got great, bold color--with a real visceral sense of those crayons being pressed on hard!--but I really love it too for the dynamic between three tall women in their hats and heels and the three shorter ones--who I take for girls--trailing along behind them in what one might perceive as an aspirational sort of way. And, looking closely, all but one of the figures has one bright eyelash-framed eye cast right out at us, which is both quite wrong relative to their profiles but very much completely right! Love.

15 x 11 7/8" framed. Drawing measures 13 1/2" x 10 1/8, crayon on brown (paper bag type) paper with irregularly torn edges, all to the good. Glare in photos; much better in person!