Striking Antique RPPC Family Portrait in Front of Woven Textile

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I can't get enough of this one. Several months ago I found an RPPC portrait of the young woman at right with large bow in her hair alone in front of this textile which has stuck with me so strongly, and then found this one, from the same seller just the other day. The image is crystal clear, packed with what I think are just wonderfully tender details, including those two slightly forlorn looking potted plants placed in front of them, and, again, that textile, not quite wide enough to provide a backdrop for all of them, but trying. And then just their marvelous faces, and the father's thick handlebar mustache, and the positioning of all of their hands just so. I love an image that feels like it should give rise to a novel, and this one feels to me exactly that.

5 7/16" x 3 1/2" and in very good condition, with one old crease line to the upper right corner, no real matter.