MEN: Large Antique Hand-carved Letters with Traces of Gold Paint

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Perhaps these antique carved letters once served as signage in a clothing or general store; I am not certain, but certainly lots of contexts in which they would be good now, and in my experience its pretty rare to find an original set of these together actually spelling a word! Over the years--I'd guess they date to the late 19th/early 20th c--they've lost much of their original gilding, but some is hanging on lending a little glimmer when hung. Plenty of wear, with a couple of old split repairs on the M and a small loss to the right top corner ion the N, but stable and I think beautiful for their weathering. There are numerous holes on their backs for hanging from screws or nails.

Each letter is 12 1/4" tall and approx 3/4" d.  M measures 11 3/4" wide.