Finely Detailed Antique Japanese Mixed Metal Tray - Tea while Fishing

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It is the subject and especially the fantastic details on this beautifully crafted tray that made me fall in love with it: the patterns of the waves lapping the boat, the flowers and leaves and swirls and tiny hearts animating the kimono of the figures, the other boats in the background, and the faces and hair and hats, and most of all, the hands (and especially the curling fingers of the woman at left!) And then the underside was attended to as well, with a low relief pattern of various leaves, including a ginkgo leaf near center, and two little feet at far corners.

Japanese, and Meiji period I am pretty sure (1868-1912). I have seen pieces of this ilk described as "mixed metal"--I think it is likely lead/pewter, with a mix of gold, copper and bronze plating. (It is quite heavy, and not magnetic.) I have not attempted to clean it. There is some loss of gilding and aging to the surface as documented, but overall good condition and really lovely I think. 

10 1/8" long x 4 1/8" wide x 5/8" tall.