Beautiful Antique School Slate with Mended Corners and Carved Initials

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I love old school slates, but there are a lot out there and so they have to be pretty special for me to pick them up. Like this one, with these beautiful reinforcements added to the top two corners long ago--just what was needed but nothing more to keep it holding sturdily together for another hundred years or so--and I'd think it has another hundred yet in it now. As an added bonus, two different sets of initials were carved into the frame, on both top and bottom of one side--as if the first, maybe LN, handed it over at some point to MC, who made it their own by turning it upside down.

12 3/4" t x 8 13/16" w x 5/8" thick. In great condition, sturdy and sound, beautifully aged and worn.