Wonderful Old Mechanical Woodchoppers Folk Art Toy

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Definitely an old one, and certainly one of a kind--someone put some special love into coloring the outfits and drawing the pencil faces on these two very charming wood choppers! I especially love the plaid pants of the one with red shirt, and the contrast between his serious expression and the bright eyed, smiling (and a bit sneaky looking) expression of the other, perhaps his son. The toy works perfectly still  --pushing or pulling the handles causes one or other to land his axe (I believe they are axes, though they are thick like hammers.) Not an especially easy one to photograph, but it's got a super warm presence, and could easily be mounted on the wall via a nail or two between the two horizontal handles. It will also stand up on its own if balanced just right.

9 3/4" l x 4 7/8" t x 13/16" d. Well worn and played with, all to the good I think, and in good, sturdy structural condition.