Old Toy Pond Boat Hull with Mast and Moveable Rudder

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I believe this wooden toy pond boat dates to the early 20th century, and clearly would once have had a couple of cloth sails tethered to the mast. I just like the simple form and clean lines of it, and especially the little painted tin rudder that one can move back and forth by the handle. Curiously the paint is redder on one side and more of an orange on the other, but they merge seamlessly on the underside, so I think perhaps just the product of age / sun. It does seem that the white paint may have been touched up at some point along the way, and none too perfectly on one side, but I don't mind.

11" l x 5" t x 3 1/16" w; 17 1/4" t including mast. Great structural condition, sturdy and sound.