Hopi Mixed Media Student Drawing, 2001

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I purchased this drawing from a seller who had bought it along with a number of other pieces from the private collector of a teacher who had spent many years working on a Hopi reservation in Arizona, and believe it was made by a student of that teacher. I believe the figure represented in Tasap (Tasaf), the Hopi tribe’s representation of a Navajo god, beautifully detailed and decorated here in a manner that seems a hybrid of traditional and contemporary, including with flowers in addition to the feathers on the head, decorating the top corners as well. Really nicely done, in a combination of pen, pencil and colored pencil I believe, maybe some watercolor too.

Signed at bottom right with what might read Harold Jaw (?) and I believe dated '01. 8 1/2" x 11" and in very good condition with a few small stains and smudges, minor, and a small fold at bottom right corner. Paper is bright yellow.