Graphite and Watercolor Schoolgirl Portrait: Cassie (I think!), c. 1873

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Four of these I found together, one of them dated on the back, locating them all I think in 1873. It seems they may each have been done by a different school girl--each with a different name signed to the back, as well as a different subject named on the front. (Perhaps collected by a teacher?) A customer recently noted to me that naive drawings of this sort make her heart beat faster and the same is true for me, just pure joy, and also offering a strong and immediate sense of connection with the young girls who made them, who feel like sisters across time. And I think this girl in blue, with her exuberant basket of flowers and matching flower on her hat, is my favorite of all.  In a small period frame, she would really sing.

5 3/8 x 3 1/2. Some stains as evident, which don't bother me a bit. Signed Kittie on reverse.