Gorgeously Sculptural 19th C Primitive Child's Chair with Fantastic Surface

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I found this one hanging on the wall, like a gorgeous sculptural painting, and hanging it on the wall is exactly what I would do with it. I find the structure of the chair --including that gently lilting wire reinforcement just north of the third slat on the back--like a beautiful three dimensional line drawing, made all the better but the alligatored paint, several layers worth, encrusting the surface. Best of all this stiff, creamy white painted woven seat with plenty of loss but still holding onto the frame, almost as if floating there. To my eye a most beautiful thing.

21 5/8" t x 12" w x 11" d. A bit delicate but stable, paint is not actively chipping at all, I'd be a bit gentle handling the seat around the unfurled edges but the rest is very well attached. West Coast/international buyers: due to size, auto calculation of shipping at checkout may not be accurate; please contact me for an exact shipping cost.