Egyptian Skirts, 1938 Ink and Gouache Illustration by Anna Thomson

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I know from the seller I purchased it from that this came from a portfolio of illustrations done by an Anna Thomson of Westchester, NY for a history of costume class in 1938. One certainly comes across these sorts of drawings from time to time, but I think this particular piece quite transcends the context of its making, between the marvelously tender interactions among figures--the touch of fingers, hand hold, arm across the back--and the terrific progression of draped skirts, straight and pleated, like diagramming options for styling a sarong. To my eye a super satisfying thing on many levels, and one I think I’d never tire of looking at.

7 1/2" x 5 1/2", ink and gouache on construction type paper. Very good condition, with some remnant of black construction paper on reverse to which it was once glued.