C. 1910s Pretty Lotto Cards and Complete (w/one substitute) Set of Wooden Numbers

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I'm not a parent, but I often think about the sorts of games and toys I'd buy for kids if I had them, which would encourage learning while also delivering visual pleasure (and subtly imbuing aesthetic sensitivity!) This old lotto set--essentially bingo-- I believe dates to the first decade of the 20th century or so, and though missing the lid of its box, includes all of the numbered pieces, excepting 11 (which I wrote on one of the red pieces to make it complete). There are plenty of cards (twelve) for a whole gang to play, one would just need to use pennies, or beans, or some other little bits to mark the numbers as called. Or repurpose all for some other use!

Cards measures 5 1/2" x 3 1/8". Wooden numbers measure 5/8" diameter. Tears to a couple of the cards and stains as documented, and some with lighter print than others, but still so pretty I think.