Beautiful Antique Bone and Ebony Dominoes, Complete Set with Brass Spinners

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I always want to have at least one set of old bone dominoes in the shop, but they are hard to hold onto, and I'm pretty fussy about the ones I like! These meet all my criteria: quite old, nice thickness and lots of character to the surface of the bone, heavy (real ebony), and not one but three brass pins on each--two on the diagonal and a great brass spinner at the center (and these spin very nicely.) And in addition to the bone itself, I like that the position of the pins and the blacks varies a bit, and there even seems to be a bit of variation in the size of the individual domino. Very nice.

Complete set of 28. Each piece measures approx 1 15/16" x 15/16". Small chips to the corners of the 4/0 and 5/4--pretty minor. Late 19th century I believe. No box.