Antique Tibetan Jhaalaam Boots

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Like the carved panel just listed, these I purchased from a dealer near me who collected art and objects from Southern Asia (Nepal, Tibet etc) for many many years, building a major collection, happily now selling some of them too. These Tibetan boots date to the late 19th century, and I just found them so beautiful and empathetic I needed to have them near me for a while! I find the colors, softened with age and wear, really gorgeous, especially those blues, and the construction amazing, especially the stacked soles (many layers of hide I believe) making them feel super sculptural--and also as if having very much absorbed the life of their onetime wearer. I found a similar pair in the Bata shoe museum (I’ve included a photo) described as Jhaalaam wool boots, worn by ministers, and notes that Indo-tibetan boot patterns were influenced by Aryan, Kushan, Mongol and Afghan invaders, with the toe shape, color, embellishment and materials often indicate rank and regional affiliation.

11 1/4" t x 10 “ l x 3 1/2” w each. Sold as a pair. Much worn, with some loss to the exterior fabric (which seems to be silk with wool underneath) as evident, but overall good structural condition, stable and sound.