Tlingit Native American Basketry Wrapped Bottle, Early 20th Century

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I have a hard time wrapping my head around the process of so finely wrapping a bottle in woven basketry, but Tlingit basket makers of southeast Alaska were exceptional basket makers, using spruce root to create pieces like this, which I believe dates to sometime between 1900-1920s, with natural dyes for the color.  Though showing a fair amount of loss, this is a very good example, with the bands of bold, quintessentially Tlingit geometric patterns remaining pretty well in tact. I've come to really embrace the effects of time and wear on pieces like this, making them feel all the more singular.

8 5/16" t x 2 3/8". I believe this likely once had a basketry covered cap, now gone. Photos detail the bottle all the way around, much more in tact on one side than the other. No chips or cracks to the bottle itself.