Charming 19th Century Monogrammed Document Box with Wallpapered Interior

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I'd love to know what all this old document box has held; I think it's had a pretty rich history. I love the ANMB monogram on the front, and the image of a family at the center of the top, with father and young child reaching for each other, and little dog nipping at his heels. But what really sold me was the wallpapered interior, with adhered newspaper clipping featuring a photo of captain Robert E. Dickie (a relative of the box owner I'd guess) who had headed a New York company during the Civil War, and had "just been presented a silver loving cup" in honor of his service as a Masonic lodge master for half a century.

14" wide x 10" deep  x 5 1/2" tall. The box is in great structural shape, with hinges firmly attached. The image at the center of the lid appears to be a lithograph over which stain was added. Wear and aging to the finish, some scratches, and various small dings, but charming still, and a great place to stash important papers or all sorts of things.